Construction Systems is your expert to turn to when you need specialized cleaning services, such as sandblasting. We serve many areas across Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Look for us in Arlington, VA; Vienna, VA; McLean, VA; Falls Church; Great Falls, VA; and Oakton, VA. In Maryland we service Frederick, MD; Rockville; Bethesda; Potomac; and Chevy Chase, MD. We are also proud to offer our sandblaster services in our nation’s capitol of Washington, DC.

If you’ve got a tough cleaning problem, Construction Systems has a cleaning solution. Sandblasting can be the answer for certain cleaning projects. In this process, sand is applied with the force of compressed air or steam against a surface that needs to be cleaned. As compared to soda blasting, using a sandblaster is a more abrasive process, so the sand blasting operator must take care not to damage the substrate of the article being sandblasted.

The sand blaster was developed in the 1800s. Today, Construction System offers the sandblasting service to clean a surface of paint and debris in preparation for a fresh coat of paint or sealant. Basically, the sandblasters knock loose the medium you want removed from an object, such as paint, which can then be washed away. The surface that is revealed by the sandblasting technique is super smooth, ready to be primed and painted. Sandblasting can be used on large projects such as cleaning bridges and the hulls of ships.

For home use, sandblasting has been used to remove paint from a concrete driveway, to remove paint from cupboards, to clean stone on the exterior of a home and to clean stone on a stone fireplace. As a side note, sandblasting is also used in the art of glass decorating to both etch and carve the glass.

Construction Systems is happy to discuss with you your project and whether or not sand blasting would be the correct cleaning technique for your medium.

If you have other projects in the works, contact Construction Systems for all your home improvement needs. We’ll schedule an appointment for you and leave you with a no-hassle quote. We also specialize in painting, wallcovering, restoration and home improvement services. We are a fully insured, bond-compatible, family-owned company and are members of the Better Business Bureau and the Property Management Association. We are eager to serve you.